Brancott Estate Sauvignon Gris 2013

Brancott Sauv Gris(450 x 600)New Zealand 13.5%

Always enjoyed Brancott Estate wines and I have been lucky enough to meet their chief winemaker Patrick Materman a couple of times, actually sitting down next to him for a meal all be it with a group of other wine lovers. I found his wine knowledge was second to none and he always remains friendly and approachable.

Sorry, I digress, it’s always nice when you get sent a wine free to review (this time as part of a taste panel for Tesco), the wine in question is the new Brancott Estate Sauvignon Gris 2013.

So here we go, If you like Sauvignon Blanc but want to try a wine with a more restrained and less aggressive acidity and doesn’t feel like being slapped in the face with a grapefruit, this offering from the ever reliable Brancott Estate may well be the answer. It still has elements of Sauvignon Blanc, especially on the nose with citrus fruits, wet grass and asparagus and the taste has altogether riper, slightly smokey undertones with a creamier mouth feel and very dry finish.

Drank this very chilled , a bright straw like colour in the glass with aromas of peach, nectarines, grapefruit, damp grass, asparagus and herbs. Taste wise, it’s very dry and as I mentioned earlier it had less aggressive acidity than SB. The citrus and stone fruits flavours were still dominant but this Gris just blunts the edginess bringing through the herbal side.

All in all a pretty decent wine and one I would buy again, very food friendly and at £6.99 a bottle pocket friendly as well, even if I did receive this one free.

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

Various around £6.99


BrancottsGris2014(450 x 600)Update for the 2014

Where I initially thought the 2013 had some elements of Sauvignon Blanc the 2014 definitely had more aromatics similar to that of Blanc, much more of that grassiness, asparagus and grapefruit, looked beautifully fresh and bright in the glass.
Taste – Zesty, off dry, slightly spicy, Stone fruits, wet grass, grapefruit, fresh pineapple with a hint of creaminess about it, lovely mouth feel and lengthy finish.

Something about the 2014 that hit the spot more for me, initially thinking the 2013 was good, having tried the 2014 a few weeks apart for me it ‘s a step up, looked brighter, fresher tasting and much more Blancy (made up word!) although a little heftier (whopping 14.5%) alcohol, it didn’t feel like it

Always a good sign , my wife who is not a big wine drinker (although she does like Sauvignon Blanc) thought this was nice, trust me, nice from her is very good.



My Rating 8.5/10 Corks




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