Gru Vee Baby !

Gruner VeltlinerMorrAustria 12.5%

Gruner Veltliner or to the trendies ‘Gru Vee’ (Austin Powers springs to mind) is the signature grape from Austria and this ‘Signature series’ bottle from Morrisons was a real pleasant surprise to me.

I must admit Austrian wines are generally not top of my shopping list but Gru Vee may well find its way into my shopping basket from now on, especially as the summer arrives.

When poured it was a beautifully clear and fresh looking in the glass and looked very inviting but I was a little disappointed when after sticking my nose in the glass the aromas were fairly muted, there was a faint hint of peach but not much else however vigorously I swirled.

The real pleasure in this wine is the taste, bursting with crisp freshness the citrus fruits danced around in my mouth, a little lemon peel which gave it that slight bitterness along with maybe a touch of grapefruit added to the liveliness. There was also the peach which gave it a sweetness to counteract the tartness but what really was noticeable was the spice in the form of white pepper, which really came through on the finish which was incredibly long.

I drank this with fish but I would say it’s extremely flexible and would pair with most foods including spicy curries. Gruner Veltliner may not be on everyone’s radar but if you haven’t tried it give it a go, brilliant for summer sun and barbecues.

Gru Vee Baby

7.5corksMy Rating 7.5/10 Corks

Morrisons £6.99


6 thoughts on “Gru Vee Baby !

  1. Hi Dave. I’m looking forward to trying this again now. I said ‘intense aromas’ when I mentioned to you but I was going on recollections from Xmas when a fair number of wines went down. Seems I may have confused with something else, from your review it actually sounds quite muted. Deliciously refreshing all the same, I have a bottle in the rack so will try again this week. Cheers!


  2. Hi Dave,

    Good review! I don’t get over to Morrisons much, but will definitely pick up a bottle next time I’m over. If you’re interested, Sainsbury’s do an absolutely stonking Gruner Veltliner from their Taste the Difference range, which I believe is around £7.50. Although the nose wasn’t much to write home about (as you found) it was definitely my favourite wine of last summer.


    1. Thanks Tom,
      As I mentioned , don’t drink a lot of Gru Vee but after this bottle, as summer approaches, I certainly will be drinking more.
      I will look for the Sainbury’s Taste the difference GV.

      Be interested in your thoughts when you try the bottle again.

      Salud !


  3. Hi Dave, drank this again yesterday and the last glass tonight. It really is very good value. I’ve done a bit more research and one interesting point to follow up Tom’s comment… both the Morrisons and Sainsbury’s wines are made by the same winemaker, Markus Huber. Who knows, maybe they are the same wine! Here’s the link

    I found some interest in the aroma but as you both say, not pronounced. The look is inviting – strong lemon colour and a clear, crystal appearance. It has great acidity and yet at the same time gives a nice, full mouth feeling – it feels quite big and bold without being overpowering. There is great ripeness of fruit and I got the citrus most strongly – orange and lemons and a bit of grapefruit. It’s like a liquid glass of three-fruit marmalade. I got the peppery hit towards the end although perhaps not quite as much as you; and as you say, a good length finish. All in all I think this tremendous value wine at £6.99… I had a NZ Gruner which was twice the price – it was good but not twice as good. I shall definitely be exploring this grape more this year.

    Finally Dave, I buy quite a lot of my wine from an independent in Bath, Great Western Wine. They have 20% off Spanish at the moment, so I thought you might be interested to browse. Here’s a link.




    1. Hi andrew,
      I suppose we are going to have to try the Sainsbury Gruner now which might be interesting to compare.
      Thanks for the link for the Spanish wines, I’ll take a look.

      **I don’t know if you and maybe Tom are interested but i belong to Clare’s (Aimetu on TWC) Cuvee Reserve forum. A few of us from the TWC have joined mainly to discuss other wines without the Tesco constraints, it’s a great place to chat with lots of reviews and interesting stuff……..
      You do have to sign up for a Yuku account first then apply to join Cuvee Reserve forum…, Clare is the Moderator and will approve all new members, just mention I recommended you.

      salud !
      Oh yeah and It’s freee to join


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