A week in Cornwall and a little wine

BeachboysA week in Cornwall sounded lovely, so Surf board under my arm, Beach Boys Cd playing and flowery shirts and shorts packed we headed off on the long drive. Well, maybe not, more like a car packed full of more clothes than we would probably need, more food than we would eat and of course an umbrella although I did manage to cram in a few bottles of wine which I consider essentials.

We stayed in the beach resort of Porthtowan in a three bedroom cottage along with my son and daughter and their partners.

After a very long 6 hour drive we arrived at Porthtowan early evening which was grey and shrouded in mist.

cydertasting3(337 x 599)
Bourbon Cyder
cydertasting2(337 x 599)
Oak matured Cyder

Next morning with the weather brighter we headed off to St Agnes, a pleasant little surfing town followed by a very enjoyable trip to Healeys Cyder farm (yes, spelt with a y)  where we sampled some interesting blends.

Cydertasting1(600 x 337)
Cyder tasting

Healeys is Cornwalls largest Cyder maker with award-winning Cyders, spirits, juices and jams.Lovely place and friendly staff made this a great afternoon visit. Especially liked the oak matured (6 months) and the Bourbon and whiskey infused bottles.

Up next was the Eden Project with its distinctive Rain Forest and Mediteranean  Biomes.

edenproject1(600 x 337)
The Eden Project
edenproject2(600 x 337)
Mediteranean Biome Portuguese Malvasia Vineyard

Rainforest Biome was authentically hot and humid with fantastic array of tropical plants. Med Biome a little cooler but just as interesting, even had a Portuguese Malvasia vineyard which was great to see.

Lands end
Lands End

We also walked across the cliff tops to Lands end to have the obligatory photo call at the sign.

Another fantastic experience was the Manick Theatre near Penzance which is is the most famous cliff side open-air theatre in Britain, possibly in the world; from above it looks as though some wandering Greeks, two thousand years ago, had carved a theatre into the granite cliffs of Porthcurno, Cornwall.

minack1(600 x 337)
Bay of Porthcurno setting for the Manick Theatre

We saw the Victorian comedy ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ sitting in the sunshine in the most beautiful of settings.

minack2(600 x 337)
Manick Theatre

Anybody visiting Cornwall has got to do this!

















minack3(600 x 337)
Manick theatre seating























Oh yes, not forgetting, while we were there we managed to drink some pretty decent wines that we brought with us as well including Champagne, Sancerre, Pouilly Fume, Vouvray, Sauvignon Blanc, Amarone, Merlot, Pinot Noir.

Great Holiday, great part of the country and of course great wine….cornwall wines








6 thoughts on “A week in Cornwall and a little wine

  1. Hi Dave,

    Glad to hear you had a good holiday, the cyder tasting in particular sounds great! Just wondering what your thoughts were on the Feuillate 2006?




    1. Thanks Tom
      We had a great time, Cyders were really good, love the whiskey and Bourbon infused bottles, pretty expensive though around £20+, loads of other flavours as well, had to be careful with the tastings as I was driving (bad planning I know).

      We usually buy the NV Feuillate and my wife loves it, she wasn’t as keen on the 2006 found it a little too yeasty but I thought it was a step up from the NV, I like the bready brioche flavour and this 2006 had it in abundance, both very nice though and always seems to be on some kind of offer. A very good Champagne in my opinion


      1. Good golly, those cyders sound amazing! Were they available more widely or just in Cornwall? I’d like to experiment – ahem 😉

        I agree with your comments about the Feuillatte NV vs 2006 too – I definitely err on the side of richer, biscuity Champagnes like you. I wonder if you’ve tried any of Heidsieck’s offerings? Their Bronze Top NV is seriously good stuff, often around the same price as Feuillatte.


      2. Not really sure Tom, think you only find them in Cornwall or on Healeys Cyders website.

        Not tried the Heidsieck’s will definately remedy that on your advice.


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