Portuguese Beauty

porta 6

Porta 6 Vinho Tinto Portugal

Hauke Vagt
Hauke Vagt paintings of Alfama district in Lisbon

First tasted this in the Majestic store in Calais a few months back, it was on the tasting counter and one of their featured wines. I was initially drawn by the bright cartoon like label which was painted by Portuguese artist Hauke Vagt.

This wine was also featured on the food show Saturday Kitchen when Wine expert Susie Barrie MW picked it out as a perfect match for a lamb dish and prompted James Martin to announce that it is one of the nicest reds he has tasted in ten years of doing the show and that he had just bought three cases of it online.

I must admit when I initially tasted this in Calais I thought it was pretty decent but for some unknown reason I didn’t buy any which in hindsight was a mistake as everyone I know who has tasted it since have really enjoyed it.

The Porta 6 is  a blend of Tinta Roriz (aka Tempranillo), Castelao and Touriga Nacional, in the glass it’s a dark crimson colour and smells of dark forest fruits and Vanilla. When you first sip this there is an explosion of sweet juicy jammy fruits along with that creamy vanilla and a little spice. Not very tannic although there is a soft gripiness about it but soft dark cherries, red currant and raspberries are what really stand out.

A lot of people will and do like this wine and I can understand why but if I had to make a small criticism it would be that it’s perhaps a touch too sweet for me. Nevertheless this is, for the price a brilliant wine and one I would highly recommend.



My Rating 8.5/10 corks

Majestic 7.49 on Multi Buy



3 thoughts on “Portuguese Beauty

  1. Hi Dave,

    Really interesting to read your thoughts as always, and especially on the Porta 6 which took everyone a bit by storm! I thought it was a very good wine, very supple and not very tannic, and far too easy to drink on its own. I agree with your comments about the sweetness, although I think it’s this aspect which makes it a dreamy match with lamb (same idea as a vanilla-sweet Rioja). Certainly a stand out wine, but the best wine for a decade? Hmm…


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