Les Nivières Cabernet Franc 2016

After my last review looks like normal service has been resumed with this delicate and refined offering from the Saumur region in the heart of the Loire valley France.

This bottle is made  with 100% Cabernet Franc and is likely to appeal to Pinot Noir perhaps even Gamay fans,  although more commonly used as part of a blend this subtle and dare I say elegant wine really hit the spot.

Usually I’m a fan of bigger more powerful wines but this lighter style if made well can be a joy to drink as this is a very good example of what Cabernet Franc can taste like.

Nice looking bottle with its embossed neck, nice colour, fairly muted aromas and a nice taste what more do you want from a wine? Ok, lets break it down a bit, although there wasn’t much nose wise I could detect some cherries, strawberries and herbs. On first sip the floral almost perfumed flavour hits you along with some mouth watering sweet acidity, red fruits dominate with some stalkiness along with mild tannins and a reasonably long finish.

This was very moreish and easy to drink even on its own and as I said earlier it had a kind of elegance about it. Not what I would normally drink but I enjoyed it and would happily drink it again.

My Rating 7.5/10 Corks

Waitrose around £9



Cheverny, Domaine du Salvard 2014

Cheverny 2014

France 12%

I can honestly say that the Wine Society has come up trumps with this Loire Cheverny which is predominantly Sauvignon Blanc with a splash of Chardonnay. As a certain character from Star Wars would say ‘Impressed, I am’  this is one of the nicest white wines I’ve tasted for a while and for around £8 it’s an impressive QPR (quality to price ratio) bottle.

After a long tiring day helping my son and his girlfriend sort out and start decorating their recently acquired first house this bottle was just what the doctor ordered to ease my aching limbs, along with a lovely fish dinner.

Nicely chilled in the glass it was a very light straw like colour with subtle Sauvignon Blanc aromas of nettles, grass and herbs which although restrained there was still enough there to make the nose linger over the glass for a while.

Tasting this was a pure delight, balanced fresh and fragrant, although unmistakably Sauvignon Blanc the addition of the Chardonnay softened the racey edges gave it a little more body and depth adding a little creaminess . This was bone dry with nettles, asparagus and limes leading to an extremely long enjoyable finish.

Another bottle I would recommend without reservation, it’s just simply, a joy to drink.



My Rating 8.5/10 Corks

Wine Society £7.95



A perfect summer wine

FinestPouillyfume(337 x 599)Better weather on the way, so get those garden furniture sets out, pop up the Gazebo, clean the barbecue and get down to your local Tesco for the perfect summer wine, the Tesco Finest Pouilly Fume 2013 at a fantastic offer price of £7.99 until the 24th April 2015, so my recommendation is you snap some up some of this lovely Sauvignon Blanc while you can.

If you want a dry unoaked, tongue tingling refreshing drink on a hot summers day look no further than this bottle from the Loire valley. Beautifully fresh and crisp with a light bright straw like colour.  My only negative is that it’s pretty much lacking on the nose which was muted and very hard to pick out any distinguishable aromas.

The taste is where this wine really comes into its own, bright citrus flavours of lemon and limes which certainly packed a punch, it’s taut full of texture and it is very very dry but with nice minerality and steely finish.

As I said earlier for £7.99 this is a real bargain and worth stocking up on, not the best Pouilly Fume I’ve drunk but definitely worthy of the IWSC silver medal 2014 award it won and I will be opening a few bottles of this over the next few months.


8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

Tesco £7.99 (on offer, until 24/4)