Morum Crianza Rioja 2014

Although I have a rack full of Rioja it’s been a while since I reviewed one, so here goes with a bottle I was kindly given about a week ago. It’s a bottle from the online retailer  ‘Naked wines’, briefly it’s a wine club in which it’s members called Angels invest £20 a month in something called their ‘Naked Piggy bank’ this money as well as being used to purchase wine is also used to invest in independent winemakers, there are no membership fees and the money in the piggy bank can be returned if the member decides not to buy.

The wine in question is the Morum Crianza 2014 which being a Crianza had to spend at least 1 year in oak barrels.

When poured my initial thoughts were it looked a little thin, it was light in colour and had fairly muted aromas, even after hovering my nose over the glass for a while it was hard to distinguish any real Rioja like smells. On first sip it was a little sharp, sour tasting but extremely fruity, so I decided to leave it in the glass for a while to see if a little air tamed it a bit.

Going back to it after around an hour, it was better, still full of mouth-watering fruit , mainly strawberries and cherries but still retained that sharpness which to be fair had mellowed a bit. This wine was very fruit forward and didn’t really show much in the way of oaky vanilla, the acidity just took over, think the word I’m looking for is punchy.

I drank half the bottle and left the rest to try on day 2 and I must say there was an improvement, the acidity was much more approachable  and I enjoyed the wine a lot more, I could now taste the sweet vanilla. I would also say this wine is better drunk with food and I enjoyed the second half of the bottle on day 2 much more than on initial opening.

Overall, not the best Crianza I’ve tasted but not the worst, if you are going to drink the whole bottle it needs decanting for a couple of hours and then in my opinion much more drinkable, better still decant after opening pour back in the bottle and drink the next day.

My Rating 6/10 Corks

Naked Wines around £9