An Italian pick me up

So here we go again with a new year and new wines to try, So what happens just into 2018 ? the dreaded flu bug hits and I’m out of action with everything tasting like I’ve been sucking on a copper pipe and my body feeling like I’ve just been trampled by a heard of Elephants.

So yesterday, after a week or so, even though not a 100% and with no sympathy given and none expected,  I decided  enough’s enough, man flu or not  I dragged myself to my wine rack and reached for my favourite medicine.

I opted for a bottle I’d seen in Morrisons supermarket, this wine intrigued me as it was a grape that was new to me called ‘Nerello Mascalese’ grown mainly in  the Italian Island of Sicily in volcanic soil under the shadow of Mount Etna.

This sounded like just what I needed, a powerhouse of a wine and as it turned out, it fitted the bill perfectly. When pouring it I could almost tell that I would like it, deep purple in colour and a pronounced nose of rich red fruits, a little earth and leather. Funny but my man flu didn’t affect my nose I had none of the stuffy head or blockage so I could still smell the wonderful aromas this was giving off.

Taste wise it was an explosion of rich cherries and  strawberries, slightly floral, with some earthiness, tar and touches of cinnamon, tannins were there and quite noticeable all in all this was like a Primitivo come Burgundy on steroids. Even with my taste buds not fully recovered I could appreciate the flavours, I will revisit when I’m completely recovered but Wow ! this was good.

So a great discovery, never heard of it before but I will definitely be back for more, great stuff !!

My Rating 8/10 Corks

Morrisons £7.50



Palais des Anciens – Fitou Reserve 2012

FitouFrance 12.5%

Languedoc Roussillon in Southern France home to this rustic and very drinkable, I know, sorry to use that annoying phrase again but it definitely applies to this bottle of Fitou. Can’t see on the bottle what it’s made up of but I assuming Carignan, Grenache and Syrah.

Rustic looking bottle, rustic wine, felt like I should be drinking this in a field somewhere leaning against a tree tearing off a chunk of bread and eating a lump of cheese, I settled for a beef stew instead and very nice it was too.

This Fitou had heady aromas of rich blackberries, tar and smoke. Initially straight out of the bottle it was very fruit laden with blackberries and blueberries, dry, slightly spicy, smokey and tannic. There was also a liquorice flavour which left quite a bitter finish, saying this it did pair very nicely with the food.

Second day, the tarry bitterness had sweetened slightly and it was much easier to drink without food.

Nothing subtle about this wine, the Carignan taking centre stage and I liked it, not a lot more I can say, except I only paid £5.99 for it and bought it as a 6 bottle get 25% off deal so what’s not to like !

7.5corksMy Rating 7.5/10 Corks

Morrisons £5.99